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William McConnel 1 (circa 1757-between 1830 and 1842)and Susannah McConnel(____-____) settled in what became Guernsey County, Ohio.

James McConnel 2 (1792-1845) and Fanny Stephens McConnel (1792-1845) homesteaded in the western Appalachian foothills, in what would become Noble County, Ohio.

William McConnel 3 (1814-1897)and Nancy Graham McConnel (1817-1887) homesteaded in Wayne County, south Iowa, halfway between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.
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David K. McConnel 4 (1838-1923) and Mary Rogers McConnel (1846-1941) homesteaded on the south Bank of the Boise River, in what would become Canyon County, Idaho Territory. David was the first of our family to settle in the new territory that would become Idaho.

Benjamin C. McConnel 4 (1846-1927) and Elizabeth Hall McConnel (1846-1932) homesteaded two sites on the south bank of the Boise River, in what would become Canyon County, Idaho Territory.

Walter H. McConnel 5 (1876-1941) Walter's story

Roy C. McConnel 5 (1881-1963) and Alma Carlson McConnel (1894-1987) homesteaded in a small, timber-surrounded valley in what would later become southwest Valley County, Idaho.
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James E. McConnel 5 (1883-1934) and Idella Wheeler McConnel (1886-1965) also homesteaded in High Valley. After thirteen years, they moved to Roseberry where they ran the general store. After five years they moved to western Canyon County.

Our ancestors settled on the pioneering edge of civilization. They cleared forests and deserts; they planted and they harvested. They build homes, barns, fences and ditches. They raised families, usually in close proximity with other family members. This in a small part is their stories - stories that can only be imperfectly told, stories that dim the further back in time one goes.

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